Q&A: Treatment Expectations

What should I wear for my acupuncture treatment?

It is best to wear loose-fitting clothing with easy access to the forearms (below the elbow) and legs (below the knee). To abide by the State of Oregon’s requirements for healthcare settings, please wear a face covering over your nose and mouth as well. For private treatments, it is possible that you will have to remove some clothing. For cosmetic/facial rejuvenation acupuncture, please do not wear make-up.

How long should I plan on spending at the clinic for my acupuncture treatment?

  • Community acupuncture, first visit: at least 50 minutes after the start of your appointment
  • Community acupuncture, return visit: at least 40 minutes after the start of your appointment
  • Private acupuncture, first or return visit: up to an hour after the start of your appointment

Do I need to arrive early to fill out paperwork if it is my first visit?

No. The duration of your appointment slot includes the amount of time it will take you to fill out paperwork.

Is there anything I can do before/during/after my acupuncture treatment to maximize its effectiveness?

  • Before – It is a good idea to have some food in your stomach. For the cosmetic add-on, make sure to remove your makeup if you wear any and (when masks are no longer necessary) shave your beard if you have one.
  • During – Your only job is to lie still and let the needles do their work!
  • After – Make sure you have left “Acu-Land” (the meditative state you may enter during your acupuncture treatment) before you do anything too crazy…like drive home 😉

Will insurance cover my acupuncture treatment?

Because we offer acupuncture at a lower cost, we do not take insurance unless you are seeking acupuncture for a motor vehicle accident injury and have automobile insurance that will cover your treatment. However, upon request we can provide you with a superbill that you can submit to see if your insurance plan will cover your treatment. Additionally, we do accept HSA (Health Savings Account) cards.