Private Acupuncture & Associated Therapies

Person receiving cupping

First Visit: $125*
(90 minutes)

Return Visit: $100*
(60 minutes)

Cupping Only: $60
(30 minutes)

*We accept OHP (Oregon Health Plan) and MVA (motor vehicle accident) insurance. Please call (541) 678-0986 to verify eligibility.

We get it: Sometimes you need a break from the hustle and bustle of your everyday interactions, a place where you can get the help you need to tap into your body’s innate ability to heal itself, by yourself. At The Even Out Project in Bend, Oregon, we have just the place for that.

The privacy of a private acupuncture treatment offers a number of benefits in addition to a peaceful sense of solitude. Not only can you have treatment directly on a specific area of the body typically covered by clothing, but your treatment can involve acupuncture-associated therapies (see descriptions below) such as cupping and electroacupuncture. It’s a versatile treatment, just for you.

What to Expect

Person preparing to light moxa on end of acupuncture needle

At the beginning of your first appointment, you’ll spend a brief time filling out forms in our reception area before heading to our private treatment area where your treatment will take place on a massage table with serene nature sounds in the background. First, Dr. Eve will talk with you to gather information about your specific health concerns and your general health. She will also guide you through any relevant physical examinations.

Dr. Eve will then explain what your treatment will entail, whether that’s acupuncture, associated therapies (summarized below), or both. An acupuncture treatment typically involves 10-20 very thin acupuncture needles, with a range of normal sensations. You might not even feel them at all!

Acupuncture on person's back

Next is the fun part! You’ll rest for about 30 minutes to make sure the acupuncture takes effect, but this is no regular rest. Acupuncture tends to be relaxing; you might even fall asleep! If you feel cold or need anything else during your treatment, Dr. Eve is within earshot to assist you right away.

Finally, Dr. Eve will give you a treatment plan so you know how many treatments you’ll need over a given time to address your health concerns. In most cases, the longer you’ve had a condition, the longer it will take to experience relief.

Acupuncture-Associated Therapies

Example of Chinese herbs, Chinese dates

Acupuncture is part of a comprehensive system of medicine from China and nearby areas. Below we’ve listed the acupuncture-associated therapies that we may use to give you the best private acupuncture treatment possible, at no additional cost. Note: While we love Chinese herbs, they cost extra. If you are interested in Chinese herbs, we’d be happy to custom-order them for you, or let you know which ones you can incorporate into your diet (like the Chinese dates pictured).

Electroacupuncture passes electrical current through pairs of acupuncture points. Different frequencies serve different purposes. We most commonly use it for pain.

Moxibustion (moxa) is the burning of the Chinese herb mugwort, known to be deeply warming and nourishing. We burn it near the skin (indirect moxa) in various forms: moxa pole, stick-on moxa, warming needle (pictured above, with the moxa on the end of the acupuncture needle). We often use it for pain, especially if it worsens with cold.

Cupping (pictured at the top of this page) creates suction on the surface of the body using a spherical glass cup and fire. We most commonly use it for upper back pain and chest congestion.

Guā shā uses a special tool (we use a ceramic spoon) to gently “scrape” an area of the body after the application of lotion or oil. We often use it for neck and upper back pain.

Tuī nà is a type of bodywork originating in China. We typically use it to warm up an area of the body for acupuncture.

People relaxing in recliner chairs during community acupuncture treatment

Looking for lower-cost acupuncture? Community acupuncture might be a better fit for you! You still have a one-on-one treatment with Dr. Eve, but in our large, welcoming community room shared with other people who are getting treated too.