Community Acupuncture

People relaxing in recliner chairs during community acupuncture treatment

First Visit: $35-65
(50+ minutes)

Return Visit: $20-50
(40+ minutes)

Pay whatever you can afford; benefit from whatever you pay. Flexible sliding-scale pricing is a key feature of community acupuncture, a model of treatment in which multiple people—whether friends or strangers—receive acupuncture together in the same room to make acupuncture more accessible. Because we know that getting the acupuncture you need can add up.

While the lower cost of community acupuncture is certainly a major draw, so is the reassuring sense of empathy and camaraderie generated from being with others who are also working on their health. And don’t worry: the convenience and comfort of remaining fully clothed aren’t too good to be true. At The Even Out Project in Bend, Oregon, we can treat your back pain without even going near your back—promise. Just sit back, relax, and let the acupuncture do the work.

What to Expect

Person relaxing in recliner chair during community acupuncture treatment

At the beginning of your first appointment, you’ll spend a brief time filling out forms in our reception area before heading back to our community acupuncture room where your treatment will take place in one of our five recliner chairs (see descriptions below) with serene nature sounds in the background. Once you’re settled in your available chair of choice, you’ll take off your shoes and socks and put them behind your chair along with any of your other belongings, making sure your phone is off or silenced so that it won’t disturb you or anyone else during your treatment. If you’re wearing clothing that covers the areas below your knees and elbows, please roll it up to expose these commonly-treated areas.

Next, you and Dr. Eve will have a brief chat about your health concerns, keeping your voices down for your privacy and out of respect for anyone resting at a safe distance.

Acupuncture on person's forearm

At this point Dr. Eve might feel your pulse at both wrists to get a better sense of your overall health before giving you an individualized treatment. An acupuncture treatment typically involves 10-20 very thin acupuncture needles, with a range of normal sensations. You might not even feel them at all! If you feel cold or need anything else during your treatment, simply open your eyes. This lets Dr. Eve know to check in on you. It’s also how you communicate that you’re starting to feel restless and ready to go. You can rest for as long as you like if there’s enough chair space and the clinic is still open, but let Dr. Eve know if there’s a certain amount of time you’d like to rest or a certain time when you need to leave. Acupuncture tends to be relaxing; you might even fall asleep!

Finally, Dr. Eve will give you a treatment plan so you know how many treatments you’ll need over a given time to address your health concerns. In most cases, the longer you’ve had a condition, the longer it will take for you to experience relief.

Pick a Chair, Any Chair

Recliner chair for community acupuncture treatments

Logan (“To and Fro Again”)
Recliner Chair #1

We sensed that there was something different about Logan from the very first time we sat in him. As we oriented ourselves, we realized that we weren’t just reclining; we were rotating side to side! Lo(gan) and behold, we had discovered our first chair’s superpower: the swivel.

Recliner chair for community acupuncture treatments

Harriet (“The Chair-iot”)
Recliner Chair #2

In her previous life, Harriet (foreground) spent years with the same caretaker—or chairtaker, if you will. Now that’s loyalty! We have no doubt that she will make you feel safe in her arms.

Recliner chair for community acupuncture treatments

Gene (“The Reclining Machine”)
Recliner Chair #3

Once you’re reclined in Gene, you might find that you’re so comfortable you don’t want to get up—and that’s just how Gene likes it. In fact, he likes to be in the reclining position so much that there is a secret to getting him out of it.

Recliner chair for community acupuncture treatments

Bill and Gloria (“The Twins”)
Recliner Chairs #4 and #5

When Bill and Gloria (background) first joined the team, we had no idea what to call these two look-alikes other than “The Twins.” Then, during an initiatory cleaning, one of them released a piece of paper that read, “From Bill and Gloria.” The rest is history!

Person receiving cupping

Looking for privacy during your acupuncture treatment? We also offer private acupuncture—and associated therapies such as cupping—in the peaceful solitude of a private room.