The Even Out Project

Not your average acupuncture clinic.

Located in Bend, Oregon.

To even out = To make or become level, balanced, stable, equal

It’s also impossible to spell without Eve….

“I…was so fortunate to find this place. Eve was very welcoming and warm as soon as I walked in. The setting itself is soothing. Eve is an attentive and compassionate listener. She helped my neck to feel better as well as eased some anxiety I’ve been feeling lately. I left her place calm and lighthearted. Thank you!”


“I have so much appreciation for Eve…, …her outstanding acupuncture skills, and her willingness to stand up for inclusivity and equal treatment for all.”


“After I saw [Eve]…I had the best night and next day that I have had in a very long time! [She is] amazing in [her] skill. I am so thankful I found [her].”


What we’ve been up to in and out of the clinic…

Through a Central Oregon Health Council grant awarded to The Even Out Project in September 2020, we provided 140 free treatments to those experiencing stress, financial and otherwise, brought on or exacerbated by the pandemic.

In June 2022 we provided free treatments at Bend Park and Recreation District’s health and wellness fair (pictured) and at Pride.